Behind The Scenes (After) Act 2 Scene 7 (The Honeymoon)

There are many ways to pace a narrative, and certainly there are just as many ways to structure a Fiasco (inspired) narrative, as well.

To me, I believe the second Act of a Fiasco should drive the characters rapidly forward. Or better: The characters should be driven by their own ambitions and (often very bad) ideas. While the first Act set the stage, the mood, and helped to let characters get in reach of what it is they want, the second Act needs to let them get there, or deny it through epic circumstances–often brought upon them by their own low self-control

04 - Not My Job
04 – Not My Job

That was my mindset going into the first scene of the second act. Together with the card #04 Not My Job, I wanted to show off Sarah really developing a sense that this is not what she wants–that she needs to get our of here and take charge of her own life.Read More »