The Drop — Flash Fiction Entry

My entry for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

Renner drops his skinny ass on the co-pilot’s seat next to Brook.

“Nice of you to show, Renner.”

“Nil sweat. My pleasure.” Renner’s smirking, and it just ruined her day for good. “All set back there. Everyone’s tugged in and ready to rumble.”

“Who’re we dropping?” Brook flips the switches and disengages the docking clamps. The thrusters fire a short burst, shaking the shuttle. Then it’s smooth sailing away from the station, and towards the grey planet earth.

“New guy. Some professor of metal-something-ornather. Said his instruments detected some sort of earthquake off the scales.”

“Aren’t they always off the scale?”

“I don’t bloody know. Said it might give better insights into what happened to earth.”

“Does it matter what happened to that place?”

That place,” says Renner, smacking his lips,Read More »