The Honeymoon Act 1 (Complete)

If you’re wanting to read the entire first act of The Honeymoon in one gone (and the new scene structure), you have to wait no longer.

I offer you several ways to read the whole thing, you can do so on this blog by clicking here.

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The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 6 — Mitch Is Committed

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Noon, Wedding Day

Nathan’s grabbing me by the hand and pulling me down the aisle.

“C’mon,” he says, “gotta get this over with fast.”

Needless to say, the wedding guests are looking at us more than confused. Honestly, I don’t even register most of what’s going on at this point. After Nate’s dumb-ass bachelor party, which lasted until the sun came up, it’s a miracle I’m even functioning as much as do. My head’s in the death-pinch of a nasty migraine, and a stale, rotten taste covers my tongue like the pelt of that animal that surely crawled down my throat to die. Fucking hangovers. Never again, I tell myself. Never a-fucking-gain.

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The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 5 — Nathan Makes A Call

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Goddamnfuckinghell, I can’t even believe this shit!

What in the name of Jesus the fucking Christ is that woman even thinking? Leaving me behind and running off with The Knuckle’s cocaine, after treating me like I’m the insane one here.

I have to find her.

I need to get the drugs and fix this. If I can’t get the cash for the mob, I have to give them back their product. Yes. That’s the only way.

Sarah, where did you go? Where the fuck did you go!

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The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 4 — Sarah Gets Ready

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One Hour Before The Wedding…

“Hold still, goddamnit, and let me fix this!” says Barb, my over-zealous but caring step-mother. I’m standing in front of the mirror, looking at the freak show unfolding around me like I’m just a spectator. Barb’s hovering around my dress, pulling needle and thread, stabbing me repeatedly with safety pins, and yelling at me if I dare to move with every prick.

My bridesmaids are shuffling behind me, hovering back and forth to get themselves ready. All I can do is stand here and catch glimpses of them in the mirror.

Another poke.

“Ouch, fuck, Barb, what the—“

“Just shut up and let me do this or you won’t get married today, honey!”Read More »

The Honeymoon; Act 1, Scene 3 — Mitch Makes A Deal

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Warning: More than usual explicit content


“Be a man,” my dad used to say. “Stop whining and suck it up,” is what he added, putting his belt back on. Me, little Mitchell, cowering in fear before the Goliath of my childhood. That asshole deserved to die when he did.

All grown up, and again forced to the ground in fear. Next to me, also on his knees, also scared shitless and of his mind, the man in cheap suit is whining like a little boy. Maybe that’s why I think of my father right now. Or it has something to do with his old gang buddies having both that man and myself on the ground with guns to our heads.

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