A day turned from bad to worse, a breadcrumb trail of dead bodies, and a personal vendetta lead up to the final struggle against all odds.

Adrenaline pure–a guaranteed thrill-ride that is about as much fun as getting shot in the stomach by a .44 caliber magnum.  Lock and load in this excerpt of Collateral.

Shadowrun Fiction (unofficial)

Flash fiction and short stories based on the tabletop RPG Shadowrun (


He is his own worst enemy.

One man with nothing to lose, a desire to write a diary, and worse yet – nothing to do – teams up with his partner in crime to give meaning to his bored and pointless existence. Will he find something worth writing in his diary, or will this day turn out to be just like any other?

Find out in this bizarre and absurd short story, Déjà-vu*.

 *May contain more true story flavouring than necessary. 

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