NaNo ’16: Like Pulling Teeth

And so it began…

If you look at the counter to the right, you’ll notice that I’m still ahead of the curve by a little bit. Which is awesome.

My start, however, has been a rough one.

For two reasons:

I went off-script on day 2. Of course. I made this whole damn thing here, outlining and plotting and fuck-knows, and I stuck to it for the first day.

Day 2 comes around, and suddenly I added an extra-dimensional threat with a botonic infestation, a demon, and an epic fight. All before we even meet the freaking ghost! But–but–I tried to weave it in to make sense of it, have some foreshadowing, some lore-building, yada yada.

All in all, that’s fine, too. I’m doing this project for NaNo, because I’ve been mulling over the meta-concept for a while now (undead warrior, monsters, dark lands, etc), but never really found a good entry point for the characters, or defined personalities for them. Which is why I didn’t expect the first few pages of the story to be good. In fact, I figured they’d suck. But I can start feeling out the world, where I want to go with it. The characters, their origins, their desires, fears, strengths.

And the fact that I felt so inspired to go off script and do this other, epic thing, is surely a good sign that I begin to get an idea of what this world is going to be about.

Which is awesome.

But the other reason for my rough start, and the reason I didn’t meet the 1,666 words on day 2 is a dental emergency (hence the title, huh huu). Bit of pain, some work being done next week. But I got my shit together and blew past the daily dose today, day 3.

That’s all I got to say for this little update.

I’m writing again. Yay.

(How’s your NaNo going?)

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