ChildBirth – Something For Every Man

One day, at the end of a long shift at work, a co-worker of mine told me that his wife is pregnant, and due any time now. Obviously, he was very excited and nervous about that.
Another colleague asked if he’s going to cut the umbilical cord himself. His answer was no, he doesn’t want to be around that at all.
He wasn’t arrogant about it, but rather he seemed uncertain. I could tell that the question has made him feel uncomfortable, and maybe he hasn’t even thought of it before.

I thought he didn’t want to deal with even the question itself, because he had simply no idea what that means. He’s a good guy, kind and funny, never says anything bad about anyone. I’m sure he’ll make a fantastic dad.

His reluctance to even get into this question, however, raised an important question for myself:
How involved should a man be with the birth of his children?


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